Word Farm Corn Answers

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If you like verbal genre and play puzzle with pictures, then you will like the application. In each level of the player expects for twenty pictures, you must find the right association and make up a word from syllables. For example, the letters “M-O-T-O-R-C-Y-C-L-E”, you need to make up the word “MOTORCYCLE” from the syllables.
The rules are very simple, but the pictures are different. The object, its color, the mood of a person or an animal, a city, a country can be understood. The puzzle contains 23 stages with a colorful interface.

Developer of Wixot Limited.

Word Farm PACK CORN Answers all levels.

1 SUN, US.

2. ME, GEM.

3. SAY, AS.

4. TAN, AT, ANT.

5. GUM, MUG.

6. CUP, UP.

7. AT, TAB, BAT.

8. US, SUM.

9. HIS, HI, IS.

10. PAN, NAP.


Below we presented a walkthrough that will help you get through the game completely. In case you did not find the answer to your level, just leave a comment and we will add it. Also do not forget that on our website you can order the passage of any game. Just leave a request in the appropriate section. The application will be considered as soon as possible.

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