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Filvordy, also known as Hungarian crossword puzzles – are puzzles in which you want to find all the words inscribed in a square grid. At first glance, the letters are written chaotically, but in fact they are all part of the words. Words can bend in any direction at a right angle, but do not intersect with each other. To search for words, you need to select each of them with the mouse from the first letter and ending with the last one. After all the words of the file are solved, there should not be empty cells. When a word is selected correctly, it appears in the lower list and is obscured in the filvo grid. On many resources Hungarian crossword puzzles are positioned as children’s puzzles, but on our website this is far from the case. Words have a lot of bends, and rarely go in a straight line, in addition, the program component of the file uses different dictionaries.

Kitty Scramble Answers all levels.

EPISODE 1…          EPISODE 2…              EPISODE 3…                 EPISODE 4…           EPISODE 5…

EPISODE 6…           EPISODE 7…                EPISODE 8…                  EPISODE 9…             EPISODE 10…

EPISODE11…           EPISODE 12…

Below we presented a walkthrough that will help you get through the game completely. In case you did not find the answer to your level, just leave a comment and we will add it. Also do not forget that on our website you can order the passage of any game. Just leave a request in the appropriate section. The application will be considered as soon as possible.

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