Word Stars Booknapper answers

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If you were looking for answers to the game Word Stars, then I dare say you found what you were looking for. On our site you will find all the answers to this fascinating game, one by one and in the most convenient for you option.

So, what is this game? The essence of the game “Word Stars” is that you are shown certain letters, to which you must select words. As a rule, this does not cause special difficulties, but there are levels that puzzle, even well-logically thinking people. And even as an evil, tips end! What to do in this situation? Elementary Watson! Go to the site and use our help to continue the game

Word Stars answers Booknapper level

1 Go, ego, geometry.

2. My, yum, mummy.

3. But, tub, walnut.

4. We, woe, owe, jeopardy.

5. As, sag, gas, brigade.

6. Of, ox, fox, exotic.

7. Or, rob, orb, marble.

8. Be, we, web, cowboy.

9. An, at, ant, tan, snail.

10. As, asp, sap, spa, pamper.


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