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Lad, ad, an, and, land. We, in, win, new, wine. Lab, all, ball. It, ript, tip, pit, trip. So, rot, rots, sort, to, or. If, it, fig, git, gift, fit. Be, tie, it, bet, bite, bit. So, sol, sole, lose. Am, cam, clam, calm.


Awe, weak, wake, we. Or, rock, cork, orc. Era, are, area, ear. Par, rap, ark, park. Law, all, wall, awl. Sac, ash, cash, has. On, son, snog, song, no, go, so. Rad, rod, oar, road, do, ad, or. An, nap, pal, pan, lap, plan. Eon, neon, none, one, no, on.


Ram, ark, mark, mar, arm, am. So, sos, sob, boss, sobs. In, rig, gin, ring, grin. Cap, amp, map, cam, camp. Toe, vet, vote, veto, to. Ad, at, eat, date, tea, ate, tad. An, in, nip, pain, pan, nap, pin. Or, orb, rob, nor, born, bro, no, on. Irk, irks, risk, sir, ski, is. So, to, cot, cost, cots, scot. As, at, sat, fat, fast, fats, aft.


Rod, pod, drop, prod, pro, or, do. Hi, is, his, hips, sip, ship, hip.Us, by, bus, sub, buy, busy, buys. It, if, lit, lift, fit, til, flit, lift. Ray, par, rap, pray, pay, yap, pry. Red, rid, ire, die, dire, ride. Tun, nut, aunt, tuna, tan, ant. War, rad, wad, raw, draw, ward. Sop, hop, hops, shop, posh. Roe, rose, sore, ores, ore.


Lop, loo, loop, polo , pool. At, be, tab, ate, eat, bat, tea, bet, beat.Fra, are, ref, ear, fear, fare, far, bra, are, ear, bare, era, bar, bear. We, sew, wets, stew, west, wet, set. Scar, cars, arcs, arc, car, sac. Am, mar, arms, mars, rams, arm, ram, as. On, so, no, eon, nose, one, ones, eons, son. Sol, owl, low, lows, sow, slow, owls.


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