Word Crumble Ice cream answers

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Word Crumble answers all levels.

Ice cream

Word Crumble Ice cream malicoco answers

1 He, the.

2. An, ad, and.

3. Of, or, for.

4. Say, as.

5. But, tub.

6. Fog, of, go.

7. Low, owl, ow.

8. Opt, pot, top, to.

9. Ram, mar, arm.

10. As, has, ash.

11. Rod, or, do.

12. Pet, apt, tap, at.

Word Crumble Ice cream Secret spiral answers

1 At, hat, tat, that.

2. It, hi, wit, hit, with, whit.

3. He, the, yet, hey, they.

4. Of, or, for, from, form.

5. At, hat, what, thaw.

6. No, on, wok, now, own, won, know, wonk.

7. It, me, tie, met, time, item, mite, emit.

8. Yea, rye, ray, ear, era, year.

9. We, he, hew, new, hen, when.

10. At, tea, ate, eat, take, teak.

11. Her, ear, era, are, hear, hare.

12. Pal, lap, ply, pay, yap, lay, play.

13. Lie, vie, live, vile, veil, evil.

14. Us, sum, tum, must, smut.

15. At, fat, aft, act, cat, fact.

16. Ow, or, do, row, rod, word.

17. In, kin, ink, kid, din, kind.

18. On, no, go, log, long.

Word Crumble ice cream Traviata answers

1 In, it, no, on, to, nit, tin, ion, not, into.

2. Or, you, our, your.

3. At, an, hat, tan, ant, than.

4. Ilk, lie, lei, like.

5. He, the, ten, net, hen, then.

6. Me, or, rem, ore, roe, more.

7. An, at, wan, ant, tan, want.

8. If, in, fin, din, find.

9. Veg, vie, give.

10. My, an, man, may, yam, any, many.

11. Go, do, god, dog, good.

12. If, lie, lei, elf, life, file.

13. Do, ow, on, no, don, nod, own, won, now, down.

14. Or, voe, ore, roe, rev, over, rove.

15. As, at, sat, last, lats, alts, slat, salt.

16. Me, an, men, man, mean, mane, amen, name.

17. Rut, nut, urn, run, turn, runt.

18. At, rap, pat, apt, tap, art, rat, part, rapt, tarp, trap.

Word Crumble Ice Cream Fruity Robo answers

1 The, hit, tie, her, tier, tire, heir, hire, their.

2. Owl, low, duo, old, loud, would.

3. Bat, tab, bot, but, tub, out, boat, auto, bout, about.

4. The, her, tree, here, there, three.

5. Hit, tin, nit, kit, ink, kin, thin, hint, knit, think.

6. Hit, tin, nit, git, gin, thin, hint, thing, night.

7. Mow, won, own, now, wan, man, moan, woman.

8. Hid, lid, child.

9. Row, owl, low, rod, old, word, lord, world.

10. Eve, rev, even, ever, veer, never, nerve.

11. Lea, eel, eve, veal, vale, leave.

12. Gear, rage, gate, rate, tear, tare, great, grate.

13. Rug, pug, our, pour, group.

14. Beg, big, bin, gen, neg, gin, gibe, begin, being, binge.

15. hew, wee, her, whee, were, ewer, here, where.

16. Eve, rev, eye, ever, veer, very, every.

17. Him, git, hit, might.

18. Clap, plea, pale, peal, leap, pace, cape, lace, place.

Word Crumble Ice Cream Fondue answers

1 Real, gale, rage, gear, large, lager, regal, glare.

2. Nude, dune, rude, nerd, rend, under.

3. Ware, wear, tare, tear, rate, water.

4. Writ, wire, rite, tire, tier, write.

5. You, guy, gun, young.

6. Not, ton, hot, moth, month.

7. Stud, dust, duty, study, dusty.

8. Sue, use, sues, uses, issue.

9. Balk, back, lack, black.

10. Sin, sec, ice, sine, ices, nice, since.

11. Nut, nit, tin, unit, lint, until, unlit.

12. Pow, pew, owe, woe, row, prow, pore, rope, wore, power.

13. Ton, not, one, ten, net, font, tone, note, often.

14. Man, ago, nag, moan, among, mango.

15. Sat, sad, ant, and, sand, stand.

16. Wit, wet, hit, the, tie, whit, with, whet, white.

17. Caw, act, cat, hat, what, thaw, chat, watch.

18. All, awl, law, low, owl, wall, allow.


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