Word Crumble Cake answers

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Word Crumble Cake answers

Word Crumble Cake Beninca answers

1 Part rapt, trap, pray, arty, tray, party.

2 earl real year rely lyre early relay layer

3 off foe for fro ore roe ref fore offer

4 may yam bay yea bye beam maybe

5 sum cum sic scum cums music

6 tad had eat ate tea the hat date head heat hate death hated

7 jam mar arm ram jar raj oar roam major

8 lag gal ago nag log loan gaol goal long along

9 hear hare heat hate hart rate tear tare heart hater earth

10 rip per rep pie ire ice pier ripe epic rice price

11 brae bear bare bark beak bake rake break brake baker

12 than tank hank thank

13 mod med elm ode doe old led mode dome demo mold mole meld dole lode model

14 eve vet tee net ten even vent teen event

15 abet beta beat tale teal late belt able bale table bleat

16 cot cur cut our out rot tor rut curt rout tour court

17 aim mag gem age mega game image

18 hop pen hon hoe hen one eon hope peon open nope hone phone

Word Crumble Cake Dacquoise answers

1 Tie, quit, quite, quiet

2 pie pee ice epic piece

3 vim vie move movie

4 nor not ton hon rot tor hot torn horn north thorn

5 hit hid rid dirt third 6 cat act hat chat catch

7 pot opt top pin nip pit tip ion not ton int nit tin pint into point pinto piton

8 pal lap alp pan nap pat apt tap lat alt ant tan plan plat pant plant

9 for fro fool roof floor 10 row won own now nor worn grow gown wrong grown

11 boa bro orb rob bod bar bra bad dab oar ado rod boar bard drab road board broad

12 fig fit git hit gift fight 13 tho hot tor rot tow two wot how who row throw worth

14 sou son sod sun duo nod don dun onus nous duos nods dons duns undo sound

15 net ten tee rte ere teen tern rent tree enter

16 sot soc cos cot cost cots sock stock

17 med mid dim mad dam aim die aid dime idem mead made dame maid amid idea aide media aimed

18 read dear dare ayer year dray yard ready rayed

Word Crumble Cake Financier answers

1 Rage, gear, urge, argue, auger.

2. Sat, fat, fast, staff.

3. Ice, rim, rice, mice, rime, mire, emir, crime.

4/ Lag, gal, lug, hag, hug, haul, laugh.

5. Aim, clam, calm, mail, claim.

6. Leg, gel, ale, lag, all, age, gale, gall, legal.

7. Fin, fan, nil, fail, flan, nail, lain, final.

8. Reg, gen, neg, gene, green, genre.

9. Rat, art, air, tail, rail, liar, lair, trial, trail.

10. Has, ash, she, ask, sea, sake, hake, shake.

11. Car, arc, air, char, arch, rich, hair, chair.

12. Hot, the, toe, lot, let, hole, tole, hotel.

13. Hey, hay, yea, have, yeah, heavy.

14. Out, got, hot, hut, hog, hug, gout, thug, tough, ought.

15. Gate, gnat, tang, neat, gent, agent.

16. Lie, slim, mile, lime, smile, slime.

17. For, nor, rot, tor, not, ton, fort, font, torn, front.

18. Lea, one, loan, lane, lean, lone, alone.

Word Crumble Cake Mantecada answers

1 Her, she, serf, hers, fresh.

2. Rot, too, top, pot, root, port, poor, troop.

3. Rat, art, act, cat, car, cart, tack, rack, track.

4. Plan, pale, peal, leap, pane, lane, lean, plane, panel, penal.

5. Lob, boa, bar, bra, oar, orb, rob, oral, boar, labor.

6. Don, nod, den, end, one, doze, done, node, zone, dozen.

7. Sit, its, ski, tic, kit, skit, sick, tick, stick.

8. Rut, cut, curt, tuck, ruck, truck.

9. Hasp, apse, heap, shape, heaps, phase.

10. Cow, cod, row, rod, crow, cord, word, crowd.

11. Rug, dug, rag, gad, drug, drag, guard.

12. Mar, arm, ram, may, yam, ray, army, marry.

13. Web, bow, owe, low, owl, lobe, blew, blow, bowl, below, bowel, elbow.

14. Vet, toe, rot, vote, veto, over, rove, tore, rote, voter, overt, trove.

15. Mar, ram, arm, lam, oar, roam, loam, oral, moral, molar.

16. Aid, lad, day, lid, lay, dial, laid, lady, idly, daily.

17. Flu, fly, full, fully.

18. Can, lace, clan, cane, acne, lean, lane, clean, lance.

Word Crumble Cake Tiramisu answers

1 Plat, pale, peal, leap, pate, tape, tale, plate, pleat, petal.

2. Vial, vale, veal, live, vile, veil, evil, alive.

3. Sea, bus, use, sue, base, abuse.

4. Eat, tea, ate, era, ear, are, tax, rat, art, tear, tare, rate, extra.

5. Run, bun, bra, bar, ran, ban, burn, bran, barn, urban.

6. Air, rid, aid, ado, raid, arid, road, radio.

7. Dear, dare, read, dram, dame, mead, made, ream, mare, dream.

8. Cap, ape, each, chap, cape, pace, heap, cheap, peach.

9. Sac, cue, sec, sea, use, sue, case, cause, sauce.

10. Bar, ban, bad, ran, and, bran, barn, bard, drab, band, rand, brand.

11. Net, ten, yet, try, tern, rent, entry.

12. Lab, lam, bum, lamb, balm, maul, album.

13. Cab, ale, lea, lace, able, bale, cable.

14. Ash, has, half, lash, flash.

15. Spur, sure, user, ruse, pure, super, purse.

16. War, raw, wad, ward, draw, award.

17. Nip, pin, nit, tin, pit, tip, nut, pit, pint, unit, punt, input.

18. Meta, meat, mate, team, melt, meal, male, lame, malt, tale, late, metal.

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