Word Soup episod 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 answers

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Word Soup Answers Episode 6

1. all, law, fall, flaw, full, wall, awful, lawful
2. fig, fin, fly, gin, fling, lying, flying
3. red, deer, reed, creed, decree, recede
4. true, truer, utter, turret
5. any, lay, man, may, lama, many, manly, layman
6. die, dip, pie, zip, pied, pipe, piped, zipped
7. fee, per, free, reef, freer, refer, prefer
8. ice, ire, crew, rice, wick, wire, wreck, wicker
9. levy, love, yell, lovely, volley
10. comic, comics, cosmic
11. our, run, urn, horn, hour, honor, honour
12. gin, sin, sign, sing, lying, sling, singly
13. any, can, coy, anon, annoy, canon, canyon
14. ire, new, win, nine, wine, wire, inner, winner
15. set, she, the, sect, chest, sketch

Word Soup Answers Episode 7

1 Leap, pale, peal, plea, apple, appeal.

2. Bone, glen, gone, lone, long, globe, noble, belong.

3. Make, mark, rake, rare, rear, maker, remark, marker.

4. Else, sect, elect, sleet, steel, select.

5. Gout, hunt, ought, tough, nought.

6. Last, rats, salt, star, altar, atlas, altars, astral.

7. Nice, seen, niece, scene, since, scenic, science.

8. Gift, rift, fight, right, fright.

9. Fall, flaw, flow, loaf, wall, wolf, allow, fallow.

10. Into, pint, point, option, potion.

11. Grid, rind, ring, grind, rigid, diving, riding, virgin, driving.

12. Epic, pier, rice, ripe, creep, piece, price, pierce, recipe.

13. Duel, edge, glee, glue, elude, glued, deluge.

14. Bard, boar, drab, road, board, broad, aboard, abroad.

15. Edge, gene, need, nine, genie, ending, engine, needing.

Word Soup episode 8 answers

1 Fore, poor, pore, roof, rope, proof, poorer, reproof.

2. Song, sort, torn, snort, tongs, strong.

3. Gent, rent, teen, tree, enter, gente, green, greet, regent.

4. Hour, ours, rush, sour, such, crush, hours, scour, chorus.

5. Mire, pier, prim, pure, ripe, prime, impure, premium.

6. Cure, rues, ruse, seer, sure, user, cures, curse, rescue, secure.

7. Ever, seer, serve, sever, verse, revere, servere, severe, reserve, reverse.

8. Airy, pair, pray, vary, piracy, privacy.

9. Bide, bile, idle, lied, belie, bleed, edible.

10. Mire, pier, prim, ripe, prime, empire, primer, premier.

11. Lama, loan, many, mayo, moan, only, manly, layman, anomaly.

12. Neat, vain, vein, vent, vita, naive, native.

13. Cent, rent, teen, tree, enter, erect, center, centre, recent.

14. Core, fore, rose, sore, force, score, forces, fresco.

15. Darn, drop, pond, road, adorn, apron, pardon.

Word Soup episode 9 answers

1 Belt, blot, bolt, globe, goblet.

2. Rest, sect, seer, tree, crest, erect, reset, trees, secret.

3. Cane, cent, cite, neat, nice, nine, innate, ancient.

4. Here, seer, sheep, sheer, sphere.

5. Coat, coin, into, tonic, action.

6. Robe, bored, order, border.

7. Gone, grin, iron, ring, reign, ignore, region.

8. Form, from, more, poem, pore, rope, former, reform, perform.

9. Even, ever, gene, genre, green, nerve, never, verge, revenge.

10. Aunt, auto, coat, tuna, count, account.

11. Gain, gnaw, wing, yawn, awning, waning, yawning.

12. Lair, lava, liar, rival, arrival.

13. Done, dune, gone, node, none, noun, nude, undo, dungeon.

14. Pile, plot, poet, pole, tile, toil, pilot, polite.

15. Mice, seem, chime, chimes, scheme, chemise.

Word Soup episode 10 answers

1 Airy, barn, bran, rain, yarn, brain, rainy, binary.

2. Also, laws, owls, slow, wall, allow, walls, allows, sallow, swallow.

3. Bare, bear, beat, rate, tart, tear, treat, batter.

4. Case, lace, sale, seal, cause, laces, sauce, scale, clause.

5. Coil, core, lire, rice, role, relic, recoil.

6. Cane, clan, lace, lane, lean, clean, lance, cancel.

7. Cent, cite, line, nice, tile, inlet, client.

8. Rent, rite, teen, tier, tire, tree, enter, inert, inter, entire.

9. Free, here, reef, seer, fresh, refer, sheer, refresh.

10. Hero, trot, other, otter, torte, hotter.

11. Fire, ride, fired, fried, differ.

12. Cite, dice, diet, edit, tide, edict, deceit.

13. Sets, site, suit, uses, issue, tissue.

14. Gain, sign, sing, sins, signs, assign.

15. Cure, cute, true, truce, utter, cutter.


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