Word Soup episod 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 answers

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Word Soup episode 11 answers

1 Flat, loaf, loft, fatal, float, afloat.

2. Cure, deer, reed, rude, creed, crude, cured, deuce, reduce.

3. East, seat, test, state, taste, tease, estate.

4. Else, seed, sled, sleet, steel, eldest.

5. Deep, deer, reed, creed, creep, decree, recede, precede.

6. Rate, rite, tear, tier, tire, treat, attire.

7. Nine, rise, inner, reins, siren, sinner.

8. Poet, port, rope, porter, report.

9. Sail, alias, salsa, assail.

10. Pear, pure, reap, paper, upper, pauper.

11. This, wish, with, witch, switch.

12, Also, loan, solo, soon, loans, salon, saloon.

13. Darn, road, undo, adorn, round, around.

14. Feet, free, reef, tree, creep, erect, perfect, prefect.

15. Meet, more, rote, term, tree, meter, meteor, remote.

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