Word Soup answers

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Episod 1.

  1. On, no, one.
  2. Us, sun.
  3. To, out.
  4. Go, of, fog.
  5. Or, our.
  6. Is, six.
  7. No, on, so, son.
  8. Do, old.
  9. No, on, not.
  10. To, lot.
  11. As, saw, was.
  12. Is, it, sit.
  13. He, the.
  14. Be, we, web.
  15. Is, sir.

Word Soup episode 2 answers level.

  1. Net, new, ten, wet, went.
  2. Are, ear, era, far, fare, fear.
  3. Ran, raw, war, warn.
  4. Now, own, row, won, worn.
  5. Lie, lip, pie, pile.
  6. Pet, pot, toe, top, poet.
  7. Raw, saw, war, was, wars.
  8. Age, gas, sea, ages, sage.
  9. Are, ear, era, her, hare, hear.
  10. Pen, pie, pin, pine.
  11. Lie, evil, live, veil, vile.
  12. End, net, ten, dent, tetd.
  13. Act, cat, sat, acts, cast, cats.
  14. Ate, eat, let, tea, late, tale.
  15. Act, cat, fat, fact.

Word Soup episode 3 answers

1 Beg, big, bin, gen, gin, begin, being.

2. And, ant, sad, sat, tan, ants, sand, stand.

3. Net, rye, ten, try, yet, rent, entry.

4. Peg, per, rug, pure, urge, purge.

5. Ale, awe, hew, law, hale, heal, weal, whale.

6. Arm, may, oar, ray, army, roam, mayor.

7. Don, nod, pun, pond, undo, upon, pound.

8. Ere fee, few, wee, free, reef, were, fewer.

9. Let, lye, set, yes, yet, lest, lets, style.

10. Ark, ash, ask, has, hark, rash, shark.

11. Dam, day, lad, lay, mad, may, lady, madly.

12. Hot, hut, out, tum, moth, mouth.

13. Doe, err, ode, ore, red, rod, rode, order.

14. Hip, his, sip, chip, hips, ship, chips.

15. Ale, one, lane, lean, loan, lone, alone.

Word Soup episode 4 answers

Pet, pie, pit, tie, tip, yet, pity, type, piety.
Dig, din, dog, don, gin, god, nod, ding, doing.
And, lad, sad, lads, land, sand, lands.
Ago, arc, car, oar, rag, crag, cargo.
Ash, ask, has, hay, say, shy, sky, shaky.
Ice, lie, isle, lies, slice.
And, ark, ran, dank, dark, darn, rank, drank.
Day, dry, had, hay, ray, hard, yard, hardy.
Hip, hit, pit, tip, chip, pith, pitch.
Ask, sea, sake, sane, sank, snake, sneak.
Hen, hey, hoe, one, honey.
Set, sew, wet, rest, stew, west, strew, wrest.
Age, ale, eel, leg, gale, glee, eagle.
All, ash, has, hall, lash, halls, shall.
Din, ink, kid, kin, rid, kind, rind, drink.

Word Soup episode 5 answers

1 Ego, gen, one, gone, oxen, oxygen.

2. Men, met, nee, net, ten, cent, meet, teen, cement.

3. Ice, kit, tie, cite, kite, tick, ticket.

4. Gin, rig, grin, iron, ring, origin.

5. Ace, can, hen, ache, cane, ECH, CACHE, CHANCE.

6. lOW, OWL, WOO, FLOW, FOOL, WOLF, WOOL, follow.

7. Eel, eve, see, else, sell, level, levels.

8. Act, cat, hat, chat, tact, that, attach.

9. Cub, cup, lip, pub, clip. club, public.

10. Fin, fit, net, ten, tie, tin, fine, feint, finite.

11. Eel, elm, let, met, meet, melt, mettle.

12. Sir, sit, tic, stir, strict.

13. Can, fan, fig, fin, gin, nag, fain, gain, facing.

14. Lye, one, lone, only, yell, lonely.

15. Ice, ire, lie, lire, rice, relic, circle, cleric.


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