Word Finder Level 41 – 60 Answers

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41. Cow, now, own, won, corn, crow, crown.

42. Raw, ear, tear, rate, wear, water.

43. One, pen, hope, nope, open, phone.

44. Lab, cab, lack, back, black.

45. Net, ten, tin, nine, vent, invent.

46. Sale, save, seal, vase, slave.

47. Tear, rate, heat, hear, hate, heart, earth.

48. Our, run, iron, join, ruin, junior.

49. Don, end, done, node, dozen, zoned.

50. Lame, male, meal, calm, camel.


51. Late, tale, leap, tape, petal, plate.

52. Any, can, fan, cyan, fancy.

53. Dare, dear, made, read, armed, dream.

54. Stop, spot, sort, post, port, sport.

55. Lame, male, meal, mile, mail.

56. Fire, diner, fried, finder, friend.

57. Earn, near, neat, rent, true, tuner, nature.

58. Bed, due, blue, bold, loud, double.

59. Bad, bar, road, board, broad.

60. Race, area, care, cream, camera.


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