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Nebo Apps released an interesting word game. As we know this developer issues verbal puzzles. This genre is a good coach for brain gyri. He perfectly develops logic, thinking visual memory, intelligence, motor skills. You can check the knowledge of several languages, because in the menu there is a translation function.

The player expects 17 colorful stages in which it is necessary to pick up two associations to one picture. In the tour of 20 an image of remarkable quality.

680 words answers to all levels

1 Ripe – berry, mojito – bartender, hindu – maquillage, climber – height, Buddha – head, yellow – house,  sing – wind, spoon – fig, mushroom – bark, continent – map,  tasting – nose, feather – ink, thief – sausage, sleep – market, camomile – sap, tornado – road, coast – mother, fruit – ocean, dessert – collar, lighthouse – football.

level 2 Answers

Cuatom -dangerous, stairs – shiny – face, cheefrul – freckles flexibility – taxi, lemon – grimace, rain – barefoot, Art – carving, dachshund – fence, three – canape, parasol – cow, stairs – river, store – bicycle, mouth – ball, rope – shell, chef – corn, bench – poodle, avacado – salad, jump – height, wave – beach


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