4 Pics 1 Youtuber answers

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The game “4 Pics 1 Youtuber!”, As you can understand from the title, is dedicated to guessing the famous performers of the rap scene. The gameplay is very simple – there is a photo of some rapper, but partially closed with pieces of the puzzle. If the player immediately recognizes it – perfectly, at the bottom of the level there are letters from which you can compose the answer.

If there are difficulties, you can refer to the prompts – “show the letter” (15 coins), which opens one letter in the artist’s alias or the name of his group, “remove the extra” (15 coins), which removes all unnecessary letters, and the most expensive tooltip “Pass the level” (30 coins), which simply takes you to the next level. Well, technically this is certainly not a clue, but just a good opportunity to skip an unreadable level.

Coins, of course, end, but they can be earned by passing levels. Or just buy and do not bother. The game takes up little space in memory (only 22 mb) and goes without lags even on pretty old phones, Android is supported from version 2.3.3. The game requires really good knowledge of the rap scene, the longer you play, the more difficult the levels become, and only the true rapper can go to the end!

4 Pics 1 Youtuber answers

1 Pewdiepie.

2. Machinima.

3. Zoella.

4. Nigahiga.

5. Erb.

6. Marzia.

7. Smosh.

8. Veritasium.

9. Filthyfrank.

10. Vsauce.

11. H3h3.

12. Faze Rug.

13. Ksi.

14. Fouseytube.

15. Failarmy.

16. Jenna Marbles.

17. Prankvsprank.

18. Markiplier.

19. Unboxtherapy.

20. Leafyishere.

21. Vegeta777.

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